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Forum Thread: How to Take Care of Adopted Dog

Adopting a dog can be an exciting experience. After walking past so many dogs on the street, or seeing dogs running around in the park having a great time with their owner, it's nearly your time to experience that unbeatable relationship that exists between and dog and a human. Before you go down to the shelter to adopt a dog, it's time to stop and make sure that you're truly prepared for dog ownership. On top of all the responsibility and time it takes to go into a dog, there's also the mone...

Forum Thread: How to Care for a Sick Dog?

There are a number of advantages to care for a sick dog at home. Having a sick dog one can be a heart wrenching experience for pet parents too. Your first step is to recognize when your dog is sick, and secondly, to recognize the severity of the illness. Caring for a dog like cockapoo requires attention to your dogs diet. Do not feed him leftovers from your meals on a regular basis.

Forum Thread: How to Care for Your Parrots Daily - Video Guide

This video is about what we do to take care of our flock of three parrots on a daily basis. it includes everything from waking them up, feeding them, cleaning the cages, playing with them, showers, and ending the day by getting them to their sleep cages. This video was inspired by all the questions we saw online since we adopted Bella and also by the questions that we had when we started this journey. We hope that this video is helpful for the new parrot mommies and daddies out there!!!

Forum Thread: Whats your favorite pet and why?

We at Pet World would love to know about your favorite pet and why it is your favorite. Personally I can't really say I have one favorite since my large variety of animals which share my life has each inspired me in their own way to help others gain knowledge so in turn they too can provide better care for their pet!

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