VIDEO: How to Get Rid of HAIR ALGAE in a Saltwater Aquarium!

How to remove the dreaded HAIR ALGAE by the YouTube star MARK THE SHARK! You can see his other videos here>>>

Step 1: Manual Removal with Your Fingers or Use a Small Vinyl Hose

Remove as much of the hair algae growth with you fingers or use a small diameter hose and siphon out the hair algae through a hose as if you are doing a water change

Step 2: Do a 20-50% Water Change with a Synthetic Salt Mixture

Make sure the water you are mixing the salt with water that is at 0 TDS to avoid adding any additional nutrients to the system (Use a TDS meter to test the water prior to mixing salt) You can purchase one here>>

Step 3: Do Another Water Change 3 Days Later

Repeat step two and soon you will notice the hair algae that is left will start to turn clear and dissipate gradually

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