Forum Thread: Which is better, a pet sitter or boarding facility?

With so many options out there many people are turning to alternative pet care options, which pet care options have you tried and why?

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I have done both and the expense of a kennel I just can't justify when my pets are placed in cages with dogs they do not know. So now when I go away I just call one of my friends or my niece and have them stay at my house. I feel better if someone is home while I am gone any way and I believe my animals are just more at home and seem much more relaxed when I return.

They also do not smell like the kennel and I do not have to worry about them getting anything from the kennel including fleas, or kennel cough. As My oldest one is now 13 I think it's best not to stress her with all the commotion. I did have a very nice kennel I kept them at but I really paid the price for it. Having someone in my home caring for them cost less and makes me feel so much better.

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